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Sophie Klossner
Are You Too Busy to See What Needs to Be Done?
Written by Sophie Klossner Oct 25, 2011

As a leader in your organization are you being pulled in hundreds of different directions? Are you struggling to focus on core activities and not dealing with the "small problems" hoping they just take care of themselves? Seems I hear this more in the recent months than ever before. Are you really too busy to see what needs to be done?

In a recent issue of the SalesForceExp magazine, I came across an article written by Scott Elbin, executive coach, speaker, and author. In this article, Scott relates the following information:

"In self-assessment exercises most leaders give themselves relatively high marks on taking accountability, making timely decisions and being clear about communicating desired outcomes. Effective leaders demonstrate those strengths, but you know what they say about strengths: 'When overused, a strength becomes a weakness.'

The five lowest-ranked behaviors in the self-assessment stand out as signs that you may be so busy doing things you're not seeing what needs to be done. These five lowest-ranked behaviors are:

  1. Pace yourself by building in regular breaks from work.
  2. Manage workload so you have time for unexpected problems or issues.
  3. Give others your full presence and attention during meetings and conversations.
  4. Regularly take time to step back and define or redefine what needs to be done.
  5. Build a network to stay connected to the market and gain fresh perspective."

Do you see yourself in any of these low-ranking behaviors? Are you dealing with issues that sometimes you don't know when you'll find the time to fix anything? Take time to evaluate where you are and then build yourself time to start prioritizing your priorities! You will be happier in the end, strengthening your team, and you can stop sweating the small stuff!

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